Calendar Browser Subscription Level

Subscription level: We are a small organization with 15 persons who need to book resources. What type of subscription would you recommend?

The bizsolutions365.com products have three subscription levels, Minimum, Medium and Premium. All three levels will give you, support and free upgrades.

All levels will also give you the right to use Calendar Browser for Outlookfor your 15 users and can expand the use also, if it becomes necessary. We always give free use of Calendar Browser for Outlook within the subscribing organization.

As you have only 15 users, I suppose the Premium subscription level will mean a too big investment for you even though it gives many benefits. Therefore, we will explain about the Minimum and Medium levels. The difference between the levels is what is included in addition to Calendar Browser for Outlook.

If you are interested in the Premium level, please refer to https://bizsolutions365.com/Premium.html


The Minimum level will give free use of Calendar Browser for Outlookwithin your organization + support and free upgrades. That way users always have good functioning software that is updated to support the latest technologies.


The Medium level will give you the same as the Minimum level (free use of Calendar Browser for Outlook + support and free upgrades), but for a fee that is just a little bit higher you will also have licenses to additional BizSolutions365.com Solutions.

With a Medium subscription you may choose two Gold Solutions and two Silver Solutions. refer to the bizsolutions365.com Products page. Here is a suggestion, but feel free to select the products that suit your organization best.

Gold Solutions

A Medium subscription will give you one of these products in addition to Calendar Browser:

With TimeCard Workgroup users tag their Outlook calendar appointments with time reporting data like project and/or task and then report the appointments to a central database or a SharePoint site. The staff’s TimeCard calendars can be shown in the Calendar Browser overview.

With Folder HelpDesk a workgroup can collaborate on tickets inside Outlook. It gives a user friendly and efficient Outlook-based solution for helpdesk, customer support and issue tracking. With Folder HelpDeskyou will never more be overwhelmed by requests.

Silver Solution

A Medium subscription will give you both these products in addition to the two Gold Solutions:

When you use KBase you can easily convert Folder HelpDesk tickets into articles for sharing in Outlook or on a website or intranet.


We recommend the Medium subscription. It will give you three additional BizSolutions365.com Solutions for a fee that is just a little bit higher than the Minimum level. Even if you only want to use one of them, the Medium fee is favorable!

More info

For more information, please refer to Calendar Browser for Outlook subscription page.

Welcome to contact the Sales department if you have questions about subscription levels. We will do our best to help you judge what is the right alternative for your organization!