Calendar Browser For Outlook

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Calendar Browser is fully integrated into the Outlook calendar. Additional services like catering services, conference material, or IT equipment can be ordered additionally. You may also tie each booked resource to a project (or a person, unit, customer, etc.).

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Calendar Sharing

Calendar Browser can be used with all Outlook calendars and with personal calendars. Therefore you may share personal calendars in the Calendar Browser. Thanks to the group calendars, you don’t have to mix resource calendars and personal calendars when you are using Calendar Browser for both booking and calendar sharing.

  • Make new bookings, change existing booking intervals, and use part of the Overview via OWA.

  • Users search among free resources, see descriptions of them and book directly: all inside the Outlook calendar.

  • Edit, delete, or create new resources with a few mouse clicks.

  • Users with Outlook calendars can book extra services and see resource descriptions.

  • Group resource calendars in Outlook by making several installations.

  • Export bookings to an Access or SQL server database and let Calendar Browser generate Excel-reports on resource usage.

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