TimeCard Workgroup Change From User To Admin Installation

Workgroup Change from User to Admin Installation

  • One of our TimeCard users will be promoted to administrator. Currently she has the User installation. How should she best do to get the Admin installation instead?
  • Follow these steps to avoid having to select database and reconfigure the Personal settings after uninstall of the User installation and install of the Admin installation:

Copy the files TCGlobalSettings.txt and TCPersonalSettings.txt in the folder AppData >bizsolutions365.com/staging >TC

Uninstall the User installation via the Control Panel, Add-Remove programs / Programs and Features.

Paste the files TCGlobalSettings.txt and TCPersonalSettings.txt back into the folder AppData >bizsolutions365.com/staging.com >TC

Download and install the Admin version of TimeCard Workgroup.

Now you can start using TimeCard on the new computer.