TimeCard I Manage A Consulting Firm Where The Billable Rate

I manage a consulting firm where the billable rate is not fixed by project but rather by employee. Can I assign a different rate to each employee? And further, can this employee rate be different for each client?

I think your problem can be solved very elegantly with TimeCard .I would suggest that you make a role-based list of TimeCard properties. For example: 

Volvo, VV:New Product Site, VVNP: Project manager, 75$ 
Volvo, VV:New Product Site, VVNP: Web designer, 80$ 

With this, the employees don’t have to choose anything more than the particular role they perform. So if one of your employees does work as a project manager in the Volvo project, he would simply have to report with one property for each meeting. All the other properties, as well as the rates, would follow. 

A disadvantage of this might be that you have to make a long list of roles, but the users only have to select their own roles and would get a very easy reporting. And when one project is finished they will of course de-select the role from the ones in their chosen list.