KBase for Outlook Database relocation

Database relocation: How can I relocate the KBase Access database to OneDrive so that I can point my home PC and my work PC to it?

Follow these steps to relocate a KBase Access database without loosing existing settings and KBase articles:

Move the database

Open the following location on the laptop where you are currently using KBase: \AppData\Roaming\bizsolutions365.com/staging\KBase\ (You can open the AppData folder in the system by typing the command %AppData% in the Run window)

Re-name or delete the KBaseSettings.txt file in the above mentioned folder.

Move your current Access database file to the new location.

Point KBase to the new database location

Now you have to configure KBase again and point each installation to the new database location. Do this on every PC where KBase is used. (If you want the same name as before on the KBase Outlook folder, re-name or delete your existing KBase Outlook folder before you do the re-configuration.)

Start Outlook and click on the “Configure” button in the KBase ribbon group.

Create a new KBase Outlook folder.

When you are prompted to select sharing option, select the existing Access database at the new location.

Click on the “Synchronize All” button in the KBase ribbon group to synchronize the existing articles and settings to the newly created Outlook folder from the Access database.