Folder HelpDesk Upgrade of customized ticket form

Upgrade of customized ticket form: Will an upgrade change our customized ticket layout back to your standard form?

For upgrades from version 13 your customizations will be kept, but if you upgrade to version 13 from a lower version your old ticket form will be removed and replaced with a standard Outlook post item.

This is an important enhancement, because it makes all the Outlook formatting features available for the tickets. Adding attachments and insert or copy/paste inline images to a helpdesk ticket will be as easy as doing it in an e-mail. Folder HelpDesk will also be more stable, and future development will be quicker and smoother.

The new form is in HTML, and you have to customize it once more. For instructions on how to do that and how to include data from customized fields to the database and statistics, refer to the Folder HelpDeskmanual.

Should you need assistance with re-customizing the ticket, the BizSolutions365.com team will be happy to help!