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Read only tickets: Sometimes tickets are opened in Read only mode, so that I cannot edit them. Why?

As many user organizations had conflict errors when several users worked on the same ticket, we introduced the new feature to only allow one user at a time on a ticket. Others can read it, but they cannot open it. If you have this problem often, you might need to think about introducing some changes:

To avoid that two people want to work with the same ticket there are some things you can do:

Check if the reason could be that you tend to leave tickets open for a long time, so that other users can close or delete the ticket before the first user saves it? In that case you could try to avoid that and instead save and close tickets when you don’t work with them.

If it is possible for you to use the Default Responsible feature, there is less reason for two support workers to open the same ticket. Refer to section 3.7.1 in the manual for more info about this feature.

Another way to reduce the number of conflicts is to have only one person opening and assigning tickets that has not been assigned to a Responsible.

You can also create smaller groups of support personnel who pick up tickets and assign them to themselves.

Exchange has a possibility to turn off the conflict messages making the last saved message the automatic “winner”, but this is not a safe answer for most organizations. We recommend you to instead change your procedures to avoid the conflicts.

If a ticket is opened in Read only mode even if no other user has opened it, there is a tool in the Folder HelpDesk Settings to correct this:

Open the “Advanced” dropdown in the Folder HelpDesk ribbon group and select Maintenance. Then click on “Fix now” at the label “Fix those tickets that were shown in read-only mode, but were not opened by another user”.