Folder HelpDesk OWA

OWA: Are all the functions accessible via webmail/OWA using IE? Or Mozilla?

You can read tickets and KBase articles via Outlook Web Access/Outlook Web App (OWA) using any browser supported by Microsoft. You cannot, however, create new tickets nor edit anything but the problem descriptions.

The reasons we have not built a web interface with Outlook Web Access interface are the following:

Microsoft’s support for web forms in OWA is very minimal.

We would have to build a version for each version of OWA, since there are significant differences between each version. Also, the localization issues are non-trivial. Most likely we would have to support more than 50 different form variants and we would constantly have to worry that a service pack for Exchange or IIS might break it.

Folder HelpDesk itself requires nothing to be installed on the Exchange server itself. That is an important point for many customers. “Don’t touch the Exchange-server” is a common policy which we respect! Customizing OWA or installing web forms requires some significant changes to your Exchange server.

Instead we have developed another helpdesk product built on SharePoint, E-mail Converter. With E-mail Converter you can reach the tickets from any browser.