Folder HelpDesk Multiple installations possible

Multiple installations: Is it possible to have several installations of Folder HelpDesk?

Yes, the subscription allows an unlimited number of Folder HelpDeskinstallations as long as it is within the subscribing organization.

You may have any number of Exchange servers, root file folders and databases, but remember that each Folder HelpDesk Outlook folder should have its own shared network file folder. You may not use oneFolder HelpDesk network folder for multiple Folder HelpDesk Outlook folders.

When using multiple installations in the same Outlook you should also be aware of this:

You cannot open two (or more) Folder HelpDesk Outlook folders in different windows at the same time. You have to first open one of them and then close it before you open the next Folder HelpDeskfolder.

When you convert an e-mail manually, it will go to the Folder HelpDesk Outlook folder which was last selected.

The shortcut to Folder HelpDesk will work in the same way as the manual conversion, so it will take you to the installation you used last time.

Also note that the Minimum and Medium subscriptions require one separate key for each installation. Premium subscribers need no registration keys at all.