Folder HelpDesk Multiple Installation

Multiple installation: How do I set up multiple Folder HelpDesk folders for implementing independent helpdesks for two or more departments?

It is possible to install Folder HelpDesk in multiple public folders or mailboxes within an organization. You may have any number of Exchange servers, root file folders and databases, but each Folder HelpDesk Outlook folder should have its own network file folder. You can NOT use one Folder HelpDesk shared file network folder for multiple Folder HelpDesk Outlook folders. 

If you have multiple Folder HelpDesk Outlook folders for use by different teams, we recommend that a user should be allowed to only work on one Folder HelpDesk folder from the same system. Each Folder HelpDesk folder should not have overlapping users, since such a multiple installation of Folder HelpDesk folders might cause interference problems. 

You may very well use virtual machines, and you may isolate each Folder HelpDesk Outlook folder using Exchange permissions. 

Note that the  Minimum and Medium subscriptions require one separate key for each installation. Premium subscribers need no registration keys at all.