Folder HelpDesk Move from a public folder to a shared mailbox setup

Move from a public folder to a shared mailbox setup: is it just a matter of copy and paste?

No, to just copy and paste between the Folder HelpDesk Outlook folders will not work. Instead, please follow this process:

Make a new Folder HelpDesk installation in a shared mailbox.

Delete the new Folder HelpDesk network folder.

Restart Outlook

Copy all tickets from the old Folder HelpDesk public folder to the new Folder HelpDesk shared mailbox.

When you go into the new Folder HelpDesk Outlook folder (the shared mailbox), you will see a new button “Go to FHD network folder”. Click it and Select the old (working) network folder.

Restart Outlook again.

Make sure that no one is using Folder HelpDesk during this process.

There is no need to perform the process on each client. Once it is done from one PC, it will be up from all other PCs also. They only need to restart Outlook.