Folder HelpDesk Mailbox monitoring

Mailbox monitoring: can you explain how e-mails are converted into tickets in Folder HelpDesk.

E-mails can be converted into tickets manually or automatically

Manual conversion

Convert an e-mail into a ticket by selecting

it and then clicking this button in the Outlook toolbar. With the same button you can also convert Outlook Tasks and Appointments into tickets.

Automatic conversion

  • Create a separate e-mail address for the helpdesk staff and a separate folder for incoming e-mail.
  • Add the folder in the Settings, and the e-mails coming into that folder will be converted into tickets automatically.

For the conversion to take place, one of the users must have the Folder HelpDesk Outlook folder open. For detailed information about how to set up Automatic e-mail conversion, refer to the Folder HelpDesk manual.