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Can the Ticket Number be edited to start with a particular number?

The Ticket Number is based on a Auto Counter field in Access. Thus, the only way of changing the number sequence is to manually go into the Access database and add the required number of rows in the tblTickets table. 

Thereafter you would of course need to remove those rows, because you would not want all of those rows in your statistics. 

For SQL you have to edit the PFHDDB.sql for that and then create a database based on that script. 

Examples: “CREATE TABLE [dbo].[tblTickets] ( [intTicketID] [int] IDENTITY ( 1, 1) NOT NULL ,…..” 

is changed into “CREATE TABLE [dbo].[tblTickets] ( [intTicketID] [int] IDENTITY ( 1000, 1) NOT NULL ,….”