Folder HelpDesk Automatic e-mail conversion monitoring

Automatic e-mail conversion: The live monitoring does not work. I get an error message that says Folder HelpDesk cannot create a sub-folder.

This problem occurs if you have installed Folder HelpDesk in a shared mailbox and the Cached Exchange Mode is enabled. Please disable it, and Folder HelpDesk will work fine:

In Outlook, right click the primary mail account and go to the “Data File Properties”. (Refer to image 1)

In the Outlook property dialog, click on the “Advance” button. (Refer to image 3)

Now in the Microsoft Exchange dialog, click on the “Advance” tab. (Refer to image 3)

Select the “Shared Mailbox” under the “Open these additional mailboxes:” option. (Refer to image 4)

Uncheck the box “Use Cached Exchange Mode” and click on “Apply” button. (Refer to image 5)

Restart Outlook and try again with live monitoring. (Refer to image 6)