Folder HelpDesk Automatic E-Mail Conversion Feature

Automatic e-mail conversion: How can I avoid that a ticket is created from each one of the staff?

To prevent processing of the same e-mail several times, Folder HelpDeskhas a locking mechanism so that two or more users never can convert the same e-mails to tickets. This is how it works: 

The first user who starts Folder HelpDesk (that is, who clicks into the Folder HelpDesk Outlook folder) will be the responsible person who processes all incoming e-mails from the monitored folders/mailboxes.

This can be verified from the post item ‘ Folder is being monitored by Folder HelpDesk ‘. The ‘ created by ‘ field of that post item will mention the user who is “holding the flag” and also the name of the machine of this user. 

As long as this flag (post item) is present in the monitored folder(s), other users will not process those e-mails from the monitored folder(s).

When the user monitoring the folder(s) clicks out of the Folder HelpDeskfolder in Outlook, the flag post item will be removed. When a new user clicks on the Folder HelpDesk Outlook folder a new flag post item will be created, and that user will process the incoming e-mails. 

The post items that are deleted from the monitored folder lands up in the Deleted items folder, where they can be removed periodically. 

Conversion 24/7
If you want conversion all the time, you can install Folder HelpDesk on a server, select the Folder HelpDesk Outlook folder and leave it running.