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Attachment size: Is there a way to raise the attachment size limit on the web form? We find 200kb too small

By default the IIS web server restricts the size of ASP requests and file uploads, so that for example IIS 6 (Windows Server 2003) has a limit of 200 kb. This is possible to change.

Please follow the instructions below.

For IIS 6:

  • Go to IIS and right click the server, select Properties, and check the box “Allow changes to MetaBase configuration while IIS is running”. If after this step the metabase file is still locked, try turning off IIS or even restarting the machine in safe mode.
  • Open in a text editor the Metabase file, which can be found at c:\Windows\System32\Inetsrv\MetaBase.xml.
  • The variable AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed limits the number of bytes in the page request (by default 200KB); change the value to 1073741824 (unlimited) or to a limit of your choice.
  • Check whether the same variable shows up in other places in the file and change them too.

For IIS 7:

  • Highlight your website, then open the “Advanced Settings…” link in the right-most panel. Set “ConnectionTime-out (seconds)” to a much bigger number. For example: “3600”, which is an hour. Close “Advanced Settings…”.
  • While still highlighting your website, click on the “ASP” tab, then expand “Limits Properties” and set “Maximum Requesting Entity Body Limit” to 1073741824.
  • Finally, open a command window as an administrator and run the command “c:\windows\system32\inetsrv\appcmd set config -section:requestFiltering -requestLimits.maxAllowedContentLength:100000000”. This tells IIS the largest amount you may upload, in this case, it’s 100MB. You may set your number accordingly.