Folder HelpDesk Access to SQL

Access to SQL: Is it easy to migrate the Folder HelpDesk data from an Access to an SQL database?

If you find it easy depends on how familiar you are with SQL server tools. Follow these steps for migrating to an SQL database. The process is the same for SQL Server and SQL Azure.

Shutdown Outlook.

Move the FolderHelpDesk.mdb database to a backup folder.

Delete the FolderHelpDesk.mdb database in the Folder HelpDesk network shared folder (that is, if you have not moved, but copied to a backup folder).

Start Outlook and click the Folder HelpDesk Outlook folder.

Folder HelpDesk will now prompt you to select a new database. Select one of the SQL options that will create a new empty database.

Do not perform any ticket operation from Outlook yet, as you need to manually migrate the ticket data from Access to the SQL database.

You can use any import tool (part of SQL server or 3rd party) to import data from the Access database (FolderHelpDesk.mdb ). You can also do that simply by opening each table and copy and paste.

Once everything is copied, start Outlook and use Folder HelpDesk as you would normally do.