Exchange Server & Requirements the performance of the Exchange server

Does Folder HelpDesk affect the performance of the Exchange server?

We have built our Folder HelpDesk to minimize the impact on the Exchange server. All the built-in functionality of Folder HelpDesk builds on Outlook, and thus the Exchange server is not negatively impacted in any way. Exchange Server is built to handle requests from Outlook, and that is exactly what it is getting when someone uses Folder HelpDesk.

What is stored on the Exchange server is modified post items. The main reason we have done this is that many organizations are very protective of their Exchange-environment and lock it down or outsource it. Finally, as a small company with low prices, we can’t afford to take responsibility for our customer’s Exchange Servers. Both our customers and we can rest assured that whatever happens, we will not impact the flow of e-mails through the Exchange server.