E-mail Converter Configuration

Properties: Can additional properties be manually added into the ticket?

Configuration: is there a way to easily deploy the settings (SharePoint lists + Mappings etc.) from the first PC to all other PCs?

Yes, this is the normal settings procedure:

The first user/admin configures the connection between Outlook and SharePoint.

A hidden list is added to the SharePoint site.

The list settings defined by the admin are saved into an item in the hidden list.

A subsequent user selects the same SharePoint site.

The lists and settings are loaded from the hidden list.

This way the first user/admin of E-mail Converter in the organization defines the list settings for all users. Since the admin creates this hidden list, he needs to have Design or Full control permission over the SharePoint site.

The registration can also be made by the admin for all users.

For detailed information, refer to the E-mail Converter manual.