Calendar Browser OWA

OWA: can we use Calendar Browser with OWA?

Calendar Browser has three main use-cases:

Booking a resource

This can be done from Outlook Web Access/Outlook Web App (OWA). Since we save the information in Outlook objects it is possible to update the calendar information from OWA. This means that you can make new bookings, remove bookings and change the existing booking interval.

pThe extra Calendar Browser features such as prevention of double-bookings, ordering of extra services etc. do not work, and the calendar descriptions cannot be seen.


This can be done using the built in navigation of OWA. Since everything is stored in the Outlook folders, it is possible to view most of the contents also in OWA. The most important use case – finding out if a resource is booked or not, can be done in OWA.

Using Calendar Browser in Outlook gives a side by side view of calendars and many other views that are not available in OWA.


Can not be seen through OWA. In most cases this is not a problem, since only the administration use the statistics anyway.


Calendar Browser is best in Outlook, but if it is necessary to use Calendar Browser via the web that can also be done. You do not get all features, but you can do the most important thing: book resources.

So, if the organization uses Calendar Browser , let those who can use it via Outlook. The rest can manage with OWA also.