Calendar Browser Multiple installations

Multiple installations: How does it work?

It is often an advantage to make several installations of Calendar Browser instead of one, especially if you have many resources and all staff do not have to use all of them.

The second and third (and so on) installation is made just like the first one, refer to the Calendar Browser Administrator manual or video demonstrations. Only use a separate network folder and Outlook folder for each installation. Also note that a standard subscription requires one separate key for each installation. Premium subscribers need no registration keys at all.

The client installation only has to be performed once on each machine.

Upgrade: Run the CalendarBrowserSetup.exe and select one of the Outlook folders. Then repeat the process for the other Outlook folders. Then upgrade the client tools once.

Server installation for Cars and Rooms:

When at least one calendar in one of the Calendar Groups is selected in the Calendar list, the Calendar Browser toolbar will show the buttons for that Calendar Group only.


When you make more than one Calendar Group for resource booking the people who book a resource with Calendar Browser can choose Calendar Group depending of which kind of resource they wish to book. That will make the Search for a suitable resource quicker.

When users wish to see an Overview of future bookings and maybe book directly from the Overview, only a limited number of calendars must to be loaded when you use multiple installations.