Calendar Browser Limit

Limit: does Calendar Browser have a limit when it comes to number of users or resources?

No, there are no limits in Calendar Browser itself. You can use the application for how many work stations, resources and supplies you want. The only limitations might come with Outlook and Exchange.


The number of users depends on how many can have access to the Exchange server. As long as you have an Exchange server that can handle requests from a large number of Outlook users, Calendar Browser will work well.

All functionality and all (quite small) performance requirements are on the client, not on the server.


The only limit is when it comes to usability. You can have as many resources calendars as you need, but you should arrange them in an efficient way, so that they are easy to find and book.

Selecting a resource from a list of hundreds is not easy, so we recommend you to make several installations of Calendar Browser to group the resources. This makes it much easier for the users, as Calendar Browser allows them to add only the groups they need to book in to their Outlook calendars. Ideally each group should not contain more than 20 bookable resources.

Also refer to the FAQ about multiple installations and calendar grouping

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