Exchange Resource Calendars or Calendar Browser

Exchange Resource Calendars or Calendar Browser: Why should I use Calendar Browser when I already have the built-in resource calendars in Exchange?

Sometimes people ask us why they should use Calendar Browser for Outlook when they already have the built-in Exchange Resource Calendars. The answer is that Calendar Browser supplies a range of features that cannot be found in Exchange Resource Calendars. These are some things you can only do in Calendar Browser:

Book extra services

With Calendar Browser you may place a supply order with each booking, like catering services, conference material or IT equipment. The admin defines a list of extras that may be booked, and then the user just click a button in the appointment and fill out the number of items in the dialog that opens.

The administrator may also specify an e-mail address for an automatic notification e-mail to the person responsible for the ordered supply.

Structured booking

Many organizations require that a project and/or cost center is filled out when a resource is booked. This may be done with Calendar Browser , and the BizSolutions365.com add-on can also prevent double bookings or recurring bookings.

Overview of bookings

Even though the ability to view calendars side by side is getting better with each version of Outlook, Calendar Browser??s Overview feature contains many views that Outlook itself cannot yet match, for example the month joined month view and the printable schedule view. There are also dedicated views for showing all extra services booked for a particular day, allowing service staff to print a list of what they are to assemble for the day??s meetings. All of these views are nicely printable.


Once your resources are being booked it is only a matter of time before someone asks you for statistics on the usage. Calendar Browser can output all of its data to an SQL or Access database, and we provide various Excel reports that will allow you to analyze the data in a dynamic way. Once the old appointments are safely in the database you can opt to remove them from the Outlook calendars, which improves Exchange performance.

Try it!

Does it sound interesting? If you want to see if Calendar Browser can help your organization to get a more efficient resource booking system, you are welcome to download and try the full version of Calendar Browser for 30 days without any obligations. We give support during the evaluation period too, so please contact us if you have questions.