Calendar Browser Calendar types

Calendar types: What kind of calendars can be used with Calendar Browser?

You can use any Outlook calendar with Calendar Browser. Calendars are added under the Calendar tab in the Administrator Settings (Manage).

Public folder

The default option is to add a public folder calendar. Type a name for it, and a new folder with this name will be created.

Direct booking mailbox

If you choose a direct booking mailbox calendar, you need to type the name or SMTP address of an existing mailbox. A new folder will not be created automatically in this case.

Add existing calendars

Any existing Outlook calendars, also Personal calendars, may be added to a Calendar Browser Calendar Group by using the third alternative and browsing to the calendar to be added.

When Calendar Browser is used with Personal calendars, the Overview feature of Calendar Browser can display several kinds of views of the content in many people’s calendars.