Calendar Browser Booking Approval

Booking Approval: How can I approve/decline resource booking in Calendar Browser?

Resource Booking approval or decline is a feature of the Exchange Server room/resource type mailbox. This feature can also be used in Calendar Browser.


The Exchange Admin needs to follow these instructions:

Add a room type mailbox (which should be already created on the Exchange Server) to Calendar Browser. In this example we are using a room mailbox called “ConferenceRoom”. Description of Seats and Rates can also be defined here for the ConferenceRoom.

When you have clicked OK, the ‘ConferenceRoom’ will show up in the Calendar Browser group in Outlook.

On the Exchange Server, right click on the room type mailbox (ConferenceRoom) and select properties. A dialog will open. Under the Resource Policy tab, click Add” and add one or more Exchange Server users (delegates), who will have the responsibility to approve/decline requests.

Under the Resource In-Policy Requests tab in the ‘ConferenceRoom’ Properties dialog, the Exchange Server Admin can specify what users should be able to book the ‘ConferenceRoom’ resource without approval from a delegate – automatically approved – and what users will have to wait for an approval by a delegate when booking.

Booking and approval

Users book resources as usual with Calendar Browser. When a user who needs an approval books a resource, a request for a resource booking is automatically sent to the delegates. The user gets a message that the request was received and is pending approval.

The previously defined delegates will receive the meeting requests for the ConferenceRoom bookings directly in their inbox. One of the delegates accepts or declines the request.