About the Client

Randek creates solutions within the prefabricated house manufacturing industry. They develop and manufacture high-performance machines and systems for the prefabrication of walls, floors, ceiling, roof trusses, cut saws, butterfly turning tables, etc.

Problem Areas

For this project management app for Randek, we were asked to create a new site collection for each project. When new project information is added to the database, the PowerShell script running on a server should detect the change and create a new site collection.

Project Challenges

Automation of Project site creation and provisioning. When a new project is created in a third-party app, the solution should read the newly added project and create a new SharePoint site collection for the project, and sets properties, lists, pages, and web parts into the project site.

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Services Offered

  • SharePoint

  • JSON

  • JavaScript

  • Powershell

  • JQuery

Solution Highlights

  • Sets unique permission after the new site collection creation

  • Uploads and activates sandbox solutions

  • Modifies the home page adding multiple web parts on the home page, like a document library, group/users