KA Wolfe

About the Client

KA WOLFE is a fourth-generation construction company having 30 years of experience in the masonry industry. KA WOLFE provides complete masonry services for different industries.

Problem Areas

KA WOLFE wanted us to build an application a site supervisor can use to order items from a central location. A SharePoint list where all items are listed with available quantity, allowing supervisors to place orders from the site.

Project Challenges

Orders are to be stored in the SharePoint list and a scheduler running on the server sends an email to the admin. PowerShell is used to send those emails.

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Services Offered

  • SharePoint

  • REST

  • JSON

  • JavaScript

  • Powershell

  • JQuery

Solution Highlights

  • Locks the construction site’s information

  • Different screens to fill in details: weather, notes, site photos, etc

  • All the information is sent to a SharePoint list

  • The scheduler runs a PowerShell script

  • Checks entries in SharePoint list data and sends an email to the project manager