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Expand Your Business Abilities
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Expand Your Business Abilities
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Biz Solutions 365 is a professional brand that helps you to resolve the complexity of your business. We provide software solutions, business consulting and outsourcing services.

Biz Solutions 365 has 10+ years of experience in providing Enterprise Solutions and custom services. Our products are built on of Microsoft so we always use the latest Microsoft’s technology and update our products to the latest as well.

By constantly innovating and implementing new methodologies, frameworks, and best practices we make our customers experience best. We do not aim to chase customers and make a profit. Our first goal is to keep current customers happy and sell more products and services to new customers is secondary.

What We Do

We are a team of SharePoint and Office specialists who have developed a series of applications built on Microsoft products. These applications are sold through the website, and customers are found all over the world, among all kinds of companies. In addition to the standard products, we also offer custom solutions and service/support Contracts.

We build on our legacy knowledge and grow it in the areas of CRM, Data Analysis, Collaboration & Knowledge Management and Information Security. Our team focuses on consulting for Business Intelligence (BI), SharePoint, Outlook, Azure, Project Management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. We also offer design, marketing, mobile and web development.

How We Do

We build and manages applications that leverage MS Outlook, Exchange and SharePoint. Every now and then Microsoft amazes its users with new enhancements and technologies. If you are a long-standing Microsoft follower then, of course, you want to remain updated and work on the latest technologies.

Here at Biz Solutions 365, our expert’s team try their best to build solutions that are compatible with the latest Microsoft services, so that our users get to work on the trending technologies.


High-Quality Support ​

We have a reputation to provide excellent customer service. We answer the queries within 24 hours. To serve our customers well, we offer online chats service and remote sessions. This way our customers don’t have to wait for the e-mail replies when they need quick assistance.

Committed to Quality

We believe in quality and not quantity. We strive to provide world-class and cost-effective solutions and services to our customers. It's never about more; it's about better.....ALWAYS

Security is Paramount

We respects our customers integrity. We never sell or publish information about our customers, and we don’t send any information about them to our servers.