Tips Outlook: SharePointConnect SharePoint and Outlook

Connect SharePoint and Outlook

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Follow the steps below if you wish to have your SharePoint Task list, Calendar or Contacts in Outlook also. The items are synchronized automatically.

1. Open the SharePoint task list, calendar or contacts in Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. In the images below we show how to connect the calendar, but the process is the same for tasks and contacts.

 2. Open the Actions menu and select Connect to Outlook for IE, Connect to Client for FF.

3. Answer Yes to the security warnings.

 4. Now you have the SharePoint calendar in your Outlook. Any changes you make will be updated in both calendars when you are connected to the intranet.

Create the articles inside Outlook and use all the Outlook tools you normally use.

Issue tracking and user support based on Microsoft Outlook and Exchange.

Report time and expenses directly inside the Outlook Calendar.

Visualize, categorize and manage tasks inside Outlook.

Visualize and organize e-mails on personal kanban board in Outlook.

Convert incoming e-mails into SharePoint list items, manually or automatically.

An application for booking resources within an organization which is totally integrated in Outlook.