Future Development of TimeCard Workgroup

These are some enhancements we wish to give TimeCard. The priorities are fluent, but if you like a feature and wish to make it reality soon, you are very welcome to sponsor it.


Addition to the TimeCard E-mail/Domain Settings: a flag will be assigned once an e-mail message has been dragged to the calendar.

Automatic client registration. Currently TimeCard automatically detects the license key in the central installation and gives the client the option to load it.

Make TimeCard more “intelligent”, so that it can show only valid alternatives in the tag dropdowns. A customer question can illustrate this feature best:”I need to track Project, Task and Customer. Project will be a unique code, but there can be the same customer to multiple projects. Tasks are specific to a project and change from project to project. Ideally when I pick a Customer, I can then pick from just “their” Projects and then only the Tasks available to that Project.” This is a good feature that unfortunately requires much development time.

An upgrade notification for the future updates.

You are Welcome With Your Own Suggestions on How to Improve TimeCard!

We are grateful if you use the support e-mail for this, and the more you can describe how you want it to work, the better. You can leave technical solution to us, just tell us how you want to use your new feature.