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TimeCard Workgroup for Outlook

Easy Time Reporting from the Outlook Calendar

With TimeCard users convert Outlook appointments to time records by selecting time reporting data from dropdowns in each appointment.

The dropdowns make the tagging quick and minimize the risk
for errors.

Then users report their appointments directly from the Outlook calendar to a central database (Access or SQL Server) or a SharePoint site.

Users plan, tag and report in their Outlook calendar, so there are no double entries!

TimeCard does not limit the Outlook calendar in any way. The users can add, edit, change and remove items with all the simplicity they are used to in Outlook. When using a smart phone, the TimeCard properties are synchronized at the same time as the calendars.


Time reports are automatically collected, processed and entered into the business system. The database is open, so you can easily make your own report or export the data to any system.

TimeCard Workgroup can be used with a SharePoint site instead of a database – perfect for groups that are geographically dispersed.
TimeCard Workgroup can also be used with Calendar Browser, the bizsolutions365.com Outlook add-on for resource booking, to show the staff calendars.


Tag appointments with time reporting data that transforms them into time sheets.

Report time directly from the calendar.

Visual overviews. See the time to be reported in the calendar, in the reporting dialog and in the Excel report.

Possibility to report expenses with the hours.

Default tag values may be used and added automatically.

Add tag values in the subject automatically.

Filter out certain appointments from the reporting, for example private events.

Excel statistics and reports.

30 days free evaluation.

Support and upgrades always included.

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