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TimeCard Single

Report Time and Expenses from Your Outlook Calendar to Your Own Database

Use your Outlook calendar to plan your day with meetings and appointments and tag each appointment with the time reporting data you prefer. The tag values are selected from dropdowns in each appointment, which makes the tagging quick and minimizes the risk for errors.

When the week (or any period you decide on) is done, review the existing data and send the appointments to the TimeCard database. There you can study the data directly or let TimeCard use it to generate Excel reports.


Tag types and categories allow you to gather plenty of data for the statistics, but you never have to bother with them when you create appointments or report time.

Planning info – possibility to see future, not reported time.

Expenses can be added to each appointment and reported with the time.

Configure default tag values.

Exclude private appointments from the reporting.

TimeCard makes use of Excel in two ways:

  • Export report data to Excel at each reporting, with hours (and expenses) summarized.
  • Study all your reported data in the statistics Excel reports.

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