Do you like a product but want to change or improve it? Or do you want us to develop a new product within our area of expertise? Maybe we can work together on that?

When someone suggests a feature or product that we consider useful for many organizations and also fairly easy to learn and use, we usually ask for a sponsorship. This means that the sponsor pays part of the cost for developing the feature.

bizsolutions365.com/staging takes on the responsibility to

  • add the feature to the standard product, or create a new standard product
  • document the feature/product
  • keep the feature/product possible to upgrade.

As long as the sponsor organization stays a bizsolutions365.com/staging Subscriber, the organization can upgrade the product to adapt to and take advantage of improvements in future versions of the product and the underlying Microsoft software.

The benefits of sponsoring a new product or a new product version are:

  • Lower price than a customized solution.
  • No problem with upgrades. “Your” feature will work on all future versions of the product, and if you sponsor a new product you can feel sure it will be upgraded.
  • Thousands of users worldwide ensures that “your” feature/product will work with all supported versions of Office and SharePoint products and operating systems.  

If you find that one of our solutions would be perfect if only this and that feature existed, a sponsorship might be something for you. Please contact us and present your requirements and wishes, and we might be interested in adding these features to the standard product. You would get your requirements fulfilled, but still keep all the benefits of purchasing a standard product.