KBase โ€“ the Knowledge Base

KBase leverages existing storage and search capabilities in Microsoft Outlook. Create the articles inside Outlook and use all the Outlook tools you normally use, like text formatting, spell check, embedded images and attachments.

The KBase articles are shared in the workgroup via an Access or SQL Server database or via a SharePoint site, and they can of course be categorized and full text searched.

See the knowledge base articles in:
  • Outlook
  • OWA, Outlook.com
  • A website
  • A SharePoint site. When the SharePoint sharing option is selected, articles may also be edited directly in SharePoint.


  • Knowledge base available right inside Outlook, an environment that users already know.
  • All Outlook features can be used, like rich text, html, attached files, reading pane and spell checking.
  • Full text search.
  • Drop-downs in the articles for selection of article category and type. The categories and types to select are defined in a tree view in the KBase settings.
  • Custom fields can be created easily โ€“ no coding, just write a name for it in the KBase settings, and it will be created.
  • Save articles as .htm files or export them to Excel.
  • Fully featured download: only constrained by a nag screen.
KBase is installed on each PC where the knowledge base articles should be created or edited. Users who should read the articles in Outlook must also install KBase.

The KBase installer will create and configure an Outlook folder that will synchronize with a shared database or SharePoint site to update articles and settings. A new toolbar will displayed in the Outlook ribbon:

KBase supports 15 European languages, and the language is automatically set to the same as of the operative system. Should that be a language not supported, English will be used instead.