SharePoint and Office Assistance

We are a team of SharePoint and Office specialists, has developed a series of applications built on Microsoft products. These applications are sold through the website, and customers are found all over the world, among all kinds of companies.

In addition to the standard products, we also offer custom solutions and service/support contracts.

We provide SharePoint and Office assistance where you can consult an expert for a one-time session or you can purchase some hours for a month and make sure that the expert is available for you. This contract gives you access to our expert for a contracted number of hours per month.

When you need help with SharePoint, we can show how to do things in your own system. We usually do this using remote desktop, so that you can follow along and see every step that is being done. There is also the option of recording everything that we do.

You might, for example, need assistance to get started with a new project which you later want to manage yourself. Let us help you in the beginning so that you have a solid base to build on. After that, you can cancel the contract or continue with a lower number of hours per month. A Service Contract will always give you the security of knowing that assistance is near at hand if needed.

We most often start the contracts with an online meeting/workshop, where the requirements and possibilities are discussed. We help you to work more efficiently by solving the system or workflow problem. We also provide need a macro, a script or another form of Office/SharePoint-solution built. Furthermore, we assist you in setting up a new system and show you how to get the best out of it.