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Kanban Task Manager Single

Visualize and co-operate on projects and tasks in Microsoft Outlook.

Kanban is a Japanese word for “visual card”, and it refers to a way of visualizing work, to make it flow and reduce waste of time. The traditional kanban board has cards that tell what and how much should be produced and when it should be done.

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TimeCard for Microsoft Outlook

Create new SharePoint list items from Outlook.

Tag Outlook calendar appointments with info about customer and project (or about something else). The tagging converts the appointments into time cards, and you can report hours and expenses directly from the calendar. No more double entries!

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Kanban E-mail Manager

Visualize and organize e-mails on a kanban board in Outlook.

The Kanban E-mail Manager Outlook add-in is intended for a single user, and once installed in Outlook, it can be used with any e-mail folder in Outlook. Responsive Web Design makes the kanban board adapt to all kinds of screens.

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