Try TimeTracker for SharePoint

You are welcome to download and use TimeTracker for SharePoint for free without any obligations.

TimeTracker is uploaded as a pacakge contents. The contents are then packaged into an .sppkg file. The package format is similar to a SharePoint add-ins package and uses Microsoft Open Packaging Conventions to package your solution.
1. Go to your site’s app catalog.

2. Upload or drag and drop the galaxyweblinks-time-tracker.sppkg to the app catalog.

The TimeTracker works like Add-in and available to SharePoint tenent ot farm. The Admin needs to add the webpart on the home screen of the site collection.

  1. Go to homepage of of the site collection and cclick Edit on the right to edit the page.
  2. Go to “+” to add new web part and type TimeTracker in the search bar.
  3. Replublish the page the TimeTracekr is ready to use.

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Download the .sppkg-file

Download the .zip-file

If you have problems downloading an .sppkg-file you can try this alternative, which downloads a .zip-file.