TimeTracker for SharePoint​

We extend the capabilities of SharePoint with our solution TimeTracker for SharePoint which allows team members to log attendance via SharePoint Modern Web Part and Microsoft Teams.

Multi-device access allows employees to Log-in and Log-out without a hassle. The app is integrated in the Microsoft Teams and available for Mobile, a Tablet, Desktop app, or browsing on the Web.

Rules and policies for Breaks and Working Hours ensure compliance and work safety.

Our robust reporting tools make sure that you have all the information in Excel for analysis and payroll.

TimeTracker for Microsoft Teams is free for unlimited number of users, and you never have to pay for mobile attendance app again.


  • Easy In-Out, Break-in, and Break-out by just tapping on the screen
  • Modern and affordable electronic mobile attendance logging
  • Quick setup and easy to use – anyone can start using it within a few minutes
  • Convenient access to attendance data using your Microsoft Teams
  • Supervise attendance anytime in a real-time from anywhere
  • Policies – manage the start and end hours, half-day, late coming
  • Monthly summary powerful reports to Excel for the employee or entire team
  • Generate reports by client/project for easy invoicing
  • Manage multiple admin and manager roles
  • Data stored on the SharePoint’s lists


  • Notification emails for weekly/monthly reports
  • Appearance customization of the main screen with company logo
  • Export to PowerBI to create a reporting dashboard using graphs and charts

Study Statistics

Excel reports are generated by different parameters by default. Three tables corresponding to three graphs associated with it.

The reports are managed with Pivot functionality and user can edit or modify as per specific requirements.

Home Tab – Home tab displays the three default report types

  • User Status by Day
  • User Total Office Hrs by Day
  • User Total Break Hrs by Day