Upgrade Kanban Task Manager Single

Subscribers are welcome to download version 7 of Kanban Task Manager.

Only use this page if you have a version earlier than 7 installed or if you have requested an .msi file for the installation.

From version 7, Kanban Task Manager Single is normally installed with an .exe file and upgraded automatically. When there is a new version, you will have a message about it. Accept the upgrade, and it will be performed. All your data and settings will be kept.
Kanban Task Manager is very easy to upgrade:

  1. Download the file KanbanTaskManagerSingle in .exe or .zip format. (Extract the .zip file.)
  2. Close Outlook if it is open.
  3. Run the downloaded file, KanbanTaskManagerSingle.exe. The installer will find your earlier installation and upgrade it.
  4. That’s it!
The upgrade is automatic, and all your settings will be kept.
See the latest changes and file numbers on the Revisions page!

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Download the .exe-file

Download the .zip-file

If you have problems downloading an .exe-file you can try this alternative, which downloads a .zip-file.