Kanban Task Manager Single

Visualize and co-operate on projects and tasks in Microsoft Outlook

Color code tasks by project or responsible and drag and drop them between phases – these are two of the benefits you get when using our kanban board. Kanban Task Manager Single can be used to keep track of both private tasks and business tasks. The subscription allows one installation.


Kanban is a Japanese word for “visual card”, and it refers to a way of visualizing work, to make it flow and reduce waste of time. The traditional kanban board has cards that tell what and how much should be produced and when it should be done.

When you get such a visual picture of the work process they can quickly reveal bottlenecks and blockers. Less time is spent on trying to sort out how projects are coming along, because everything is visible on the kanban board.
Kanban Task Manager Single adds a new “Show Kanban View” button to all Outlook Tasks folders. When you click on the button, you can see your tasks visualized as cards on a virtual kanban board.

Kanban Task Manager Single is intended for one user and one PC. The add-in gives a kanban board in Outlook where you can drag and drop the tasks between phases as your work proceeds and create new tasks directly from the kanban board.

Tag the tasks with category and phase. You can also use swim lanes and create a custom tag for categorization. The tags are selected from dropdowns in the tasks and visible on the kanban board. They are also used in the Kanban Task Manager Search and Filter features and in Excel reports.

Kanban Task Manager Single can show a kanban board in any Outlook Tasks folder including the To-Do folder. In To-Do, your tasks from several folders are shown on the kanban board, and you can create a combined Excel report on them.


Kanban board integrated in Outlook When we move the traditional kanban board into Outlook we get several advantages:
  • A nice, colorful user interface.
  • It is easy to drag and drop tasks within or between phases and lanes.
  • You have it all in front of you in the computer!
  • You can filter tasks by categories and/or priorities and also by a custom parameter if you use that feature.
  • Set number of columns for each phase, for optimal utilization of screen space.
  • Convert e-mails to tasks by clicking on a button. E-mail attachments will be transferred to the tasks.
  • Group the tasks in swim lanes.
  • Set WIP limits to have a warning when a phase or lane has too many tasks.
  • Search both subjects and body texts of the tasks.
  • Create task checklists and checklist templates.
  • Time logging of minutes/hours spent on each task.
  • Kanban Task Manager uses as much standard Outlook features as possible, and therefore it is easy to understand and use.
  • A details pane shows the task description, and here you can set % completed and close the task without opening it.
  • Zoom in and out on the kanban board, to see more details or more tasks.
  • More views can be reached from the kanban board:
    • Month view
    • Year view
    • Timeline with tasks grouped by Category
    • Categories view with pie charts that show tasks in phases
  • Show images and links in the task body.
  • Statistics reports. Study and display the data with all the features of Excel.