Convert E-mails into SharePoint List Items​

Create new SharePoint list items from Outlook

E-mail Converter for Outlook and SharePoint converts incoming e-mails into SharePoint list items, manually or automatically. Rich text, formatting, attached files, embedded images, priority, sender information all can included in the item.

E-mail Converter can also convert appointments and tasks to SharePoint list items. The product has been on the market since 2010, earlier under the name HelpDesk OSP.

With E-mail Converter you can also create new SharePoint items from Outlook. The item is displayed in Outlook after creation, so that you can fill it out and save it. You don’t have to open SharePoint at all!
  • Add-in for Outlook, installed on every user’s client machine or on a server placed Outlook for use with OWA. There is no installation on the SharePoint site. Once installed in Outlook, E-mail Converter works with all profiles, for example with an Office 365 Outlook account.
  • SharePoint lists. E-mail Converter works with all list templates provided by Microsoft for SharePoint, except library templates. SharePoint lists can be highly customized to suit the organization’s needs.
  • Excel report for performance analysis.
  • Manually from a selected e-mail, appointment or task.
  • Automatically from all e-mails in a defined folder.
  • Manually when an issue is reported in another way. Sender information can be taken from the Outlook contacts or from the Global Address list.