Convert E-mails to SharePoint List Items 24/7

Connect E-mail Converter for Azure and SharePoint to the preferred mailbox and SharePoint list(s), and all incoming e-mails will be automatically converted to SharePoint list items. Rich text, formatting, attached files, embedded images, priority, sender information: all can be included in the item.

E-mail Converter for Azure and SharePoint is installed on Azure, where it converts all incoming e-mails in the specified folder(s) to list items in the selected SharePoint list(s).

E-mail Converter can very well monitor multiple e-mail folders and convert the e-mails to items in the same or different SharePoint lists.

E-mail Converter supports all Exchange Web Service e-mails (Office 365, Windows Live and Microsoft Exchange). Only one installation on Azure is needed.

E-mail Converter works with all list templates provided by Microsoft for SharePoint, except library templates. The demo below shows how to install and configure the add-in.

  • Distribute incoming e-mails from different Outlook folders to different SharePoint lists.
     E-mail threading: add all e-mails for the same case in one SharePoint item. 
  • Merge several SharePoint items, or parts of them, into one.
  • The E-mail Converter administrator can create custom Excel reports for performance analysis.