Our Products

An application for booking resources within an organization which is totally integrated in Outlook and can be used with both public folders and shared mailboxes.

Convert incoming e-mails into SharePoint list items, manually or automatically. Rich text, formatting, attached files, embedded images, priority, sender information all can included.

Issue tracking and user support based on Microsoft Outlook and Exchange. The add-on helps support team to organize and efficiently work with support cases.

Visualize and organize e-mails on personal kanban board in Outlook. The kanban board has phases for the work process, and you can drag and drop the e-mails between the phases to keep track of your conversations.

Visualize, categorize and manage tasks inside Outlook. A visual picture of the work process, that can quickly reveal bottlenecks and blockers. The kanban board uses cards that tell what and how much should be produced.

leverage existing storage and search capabilities in Microsoft Outlook. Create the articles inside Outlook and use all the Outlook tools you normally use, like text formatting, spell check, embedded images and attachments.

Report time and expenses directly inside the Outlook Calendar. TimeCard can be used with any calendar, including shared ones or secondary mailbox calendars. The TimeCard toolbar will be visible in all calendars. To report appointments of a particular calendar, just run the reporting dialog from that calendar. It is as simple as that!