Microsoft Services Using .NET and .NET Core

BizSolutions365 has been providing .NET and .NET Core Services since 2000. We help build mobile and web solutions using the .NET Framework and .NET Core, along with other Microsoft technologies. Our services range from web application development, API development, desktop and mobile application development to custom third-party integrations.

We provide a turn-key solution as an extension of your IT. We can recover your lost source code, migrate legacy applications to newer technologies, and other .NET development needs of yours.



Microsoft .NET/ .NET Core

Often we come across organizations having a high dependency on a project-specific application written in .NET, but with no source code. This is due to employee turnover, server crashing, no valid backup, vendor termination, etc. On numerous occasions, our .NET experts have successfully restored source code. In instances where it is not possible, our .NET solution can recreate the whole code based on the live application.

Our .NET services experience spans numerous industries. This cross-industry experience gave us more exposure and a broader perspective, allowing us to bring new ideas. Industries that we usually serve include Finance, Banking, Legal, Utility, Retail, Fast Food, Healthcare, Entertainment, Manufacturing, hospitality, and more.

Our .NET Services Include:

Web Development


Azure App Service


Web Services, WCF, ASMX

.NET Source Code Recovery Services

.NET Framework

Visual Studio


WebForms, Windows Forms

Console Applications