Future Development of KBase

Below is what we want to see in future versions of KBase. The priorities are fluent, but if you like a feature and wish to make it reality soon, you are very welcome to sponsor it. Then we will put “your” feature on the top of the list.

We also welcome all suggestions for future development, whether your organization has a possibility to sponsor it or not.


A SharePoint version of KBase. This version may be used separately or with the Outlook version when the option to share and store data in SharePoint is selected.

With the knowledge base in SharePoint the articles can be reached from anywhere over the internet. This is possible with the current version too, if you select a SharePoint site as sharing option for KBase. Then the articles may be seen on that SharePoint site. The default view show all articles with their categories and types, just like in Outlook.

However, in the SharePoint version of KBase it will be possible to add and edit knowledge base articles in SharePoint as well.

We plan to add a warning that will be activated if you try to save a custom field with an already existing ID.
An upgrade notification for the future updates.