Try Kanban E-mail Manager

You are welcome to download and try Kanban E-mail Manager for 30 days without any obligations. Then the application will stop functioning if you don’t register it.

To continue using Kanban E-mail Manager after the trial period you must subscribe to the add-in. Should you instead decide that Kanban E-mail Manager is not the right solution for your organization, you must uninstall the add-in through the Control Panel.

No wrapping: the bizsolutions365.com downloads only contain a clean, digitally signed installation file for the product mentioned on the download page. We never add any other software to our downloads.

When you have downloaded the setup file, you will be directed to a page that has both the installation demo below and a demo about the configuration.


Download the file KanbanE-mailManager in .exe or .zip format to any folder on your computer.(Extract the .zip file.)

Click on the .exe file to perform the installation. Kanban E-mail Manager is installed under Program files, and if you don’t change that no choices have to be made.

Restart Outlook when the installation is finished.

Click on the new Kanban View button. Now the e-mails in the selected folder from the last two weeks (default) will be displayed as cards on a kanban board. All e-mails will be placed in the Unhandled phase, as you have not worked with the kanban view earlier.

Click on the settings gear to customize your Kanban E-mail Manager. You can modify the categories and phases, add lanes, enable checklists and time logging and change the date from which e-mails are displayed. If you have a license key, you can also register your Kanban E-mail Manager here.

Start managing your e-mails!

For details about the installation and configuration, refer to the manual.