Future Development of Kanban E-mail Manager

Kanban E-mail Manager is a rather new bizsolutions365.com product, released in January 2018. When a product has come out on the market, we usually have enhancement suggestions from customers, and if we like them we will add them here. Our plan is to evaluate the customer feedback and the sales of Kanban E-mail Manager. If it takes off, we will of course add more features. You are very welcome to sponsor enhancements of Kanban E-mail Manager. Then we will put “your” feature at the top of the list. However, we welcome all suggestions for future development, whether you have a possibility to sponsor them or not!


Kanban E-mail Manager will show an attachment icon on the e-mail card if there is an attachment.
Kanban E-mail Manager will include all Outlook items on the kanban board of a mail folder.
A workgroup version of Kanban E-mail Manager, where the e-mails can be shared within a team.