Upgrade Folder HelpDesk

Community Subscribers are welcome to download the latest version of Folder HelpDesk and upgrade their installations at no extra cost.


The upgrade must be performed by a person who has Write permission over the server folder and Owner permission over the Outlook public folder/shared mailbox.

Note: No one should use Folder HelpDesk when it is being upgraded.

Download from
Save to Server
Install from Client


(For details and for installation in a shared mailbox, refer to the Demonstrations and the Manual.)

Save the installation file FolderHelpDeskSetup.exe to your computer and then to the Folder HelpDesk root file folder on your server.

From a client, run the newly downloaded Setup file and in the installation type dialog, select ‘Upgrade/Repair existing Folder HelpDesk‘ and click Next.

Specify the Outlook folder of your existingFolder HelpDesk installation.

(Upgrade the Folder HelpDesk Client Tools. ) If the client tools have been updated, they will be upgraded silently on the machine used for the upgrade. Other clients will be prompted to upgrade them the next time Folder HelpDesk is started. Click Yes, and the upgrade is automatic. The file FHDClientSetup.msi in the Folder HelpDeskserver folder may also be used for a central upgrade of the client tools via Active Directory.

(If you have multiple installations, repeat the process for each Outlook folder.)