Try Folder HelpDesk

Welcome to download and try Folder HelpDesk for 30 days without any obligations. After 30 days the application stops functioning.

To continue using Folder HelpDesk after the trial period, order a register free Premium copy of Folder HelpDesk or Register Folder HelpDesk. Should you decide that Folder HelpDesk is not the right solution for your organization, you must uninstall it.

Folder HelpDesk is a client-server application. The client tools are installed on the clients and run as an Outlook add-in. The remaining functionality is supplied by executables that don’t have to be installed, but rather are run directly from the server when needed.


The person who installs Folder HelpDesk must have Write permissions over the server folder and be Owner of the Outlook public folder/shared mailbox.

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Save to Server
Install from Client

    Instructions for New Installation of Folder HelpDesk In a Public Folder.

    (For details and for installation in a shared mailbox, refer to the Demonstrations and the Manual.)

    Download the file FolderHelpDeskSetup in .exe or .zip format.(Extract the .zip file.)

    Create a Folder HelpDesk directory in any shared file folder on your server for the Folder HelpDesk shared files. You can use either a UNC-path, such as \\servername\sharename, or a mapped drive, such as Y:.

    From a client that has Outlook installed and access to the Folder HelpDesk directory, click the file FolderHelpDeskSetup.exe to start the installation.

    Select New installation and then the Folder HelpDesk directory you just created. If you placed the setup file there, this folder will be selected by default.

    Select language. Fifteen European languages are supported.

    Next step is the actual installation to the Folder HelpDesk directory. The client tool is also silently installed on the machine you use for the installation.

    Select or create an Outlook folder of the type Mail and Post Items for Folder HelpDesk.

    Select or create a database where the tickets and settings will be stored ‘ Access or SQL server. This only has to be done by the admin/first user.

    Before Folder HelpDesk can be used on other machines, each client has to go into the Folder HelpDesk directory and run the file FHDClientSetup.msi to install the client tool. This user should have local administrator rights. The file FHDClientSetup.msi may also be used for a central installation of the client tools via Active Directory.


    Premium Subscribers may request a register free copy of Folder HelpDesk. Other users must register Folder HelpDesk after the trial period is over.

    When the person who registers Folder HelpDesk has owner’s right over the Folder HelpDesk folder in Outlook, the registration will be valid for all users of Folder HelpDesk