About Folder HelpDesk

Issue Tracking and User Support Based on Microsoft Outlook and Exchange

When your staff relies on emails in Outlook as a primary support mechanism, the chances of mails, requests, and responses getting lost in the inbox are high. Given Microsoft Outlook’s lack of proper management and tracking capabilities, it becomes challenging to know when an email has been marked completed, who is currently working on it, etc.

Outlook lacks the automation, reminders, reporting, workflow, etc. to manage a support ticket request. For this reason, our Folder HelpDesk add-in is designed to overcome this limitation by ensuring that the workgroup can collaborate on tickets inside Outlook.

With Folder HelpDesk, you can turn your Microsoft Outlook into incident management and ticketing system. And offer effortless customer support with Outlook help desk plug-in.

Benefits of Having the Ticket System Inside Outlook

Folder HelpDesk makes it easy to convert emails into tickets

You can convert it manually, or just let all emails in a folder be automatically converted. All formatting from the email is kept, and attachments and images are transferred to the ticket.

Send Emails from Folder HelpDesk

There are templates for various automatic emails, for example, when a ticket is created or a case is closed, and you can also send email answers and messages manually from inside the ticket.

Information about the sender

Information about the sender of the e-mail is also entered into the ticket, like e-mail address, name, and telephone number.

The ticket is a standard Outlook post item

You can use all the Outlook features – for example, spell check the ticket text, insert attachments and images in the ticket and use a reading pane in the ticket list.

Folder HelpDesk Features

Install it in any Outlook folder: public, shared, or private.

Automatically process incoming requests to cases.

Assign and enforce Service Level Agreement on cases.

Centralized help desk administration.

Integrated statistics – Reports, Charts, Data Analysis, etc.

Seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Outlook (2010, 2013, 2016, 2019).

Automatically notify alerts on helpdesk events.

Ticket retrieval from an online form: manually and automatically.

Deploy any number of custom fields.

Asset tracking and management.

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